Stock Insider - Community to Exchange Insiders Information of Publicly Traded Companies

Stock Insider

Stock Insider is a community for people to exchange insider information of publicly traded companies. It will be much safer to use information from other community members instead of your own for trading.



The server had some networking connectivity issues recently. It will be fully resolved by this week. Sorry for the inconvenince.


The server is scheduled for maintainace on 1/8/2016. Sorry for the inconvenince.


Since the site launch there are already several members who have submitted their initial material pending for approval. Please be patient before the data comes to public.


Site online!

Principles and Rules

Please read through before registering, otherwise you probably won't be approved.


The goal is building a very selective community for people who have access to insider information from publicly traded companies.


Before being approved as a full member, you will need to provide non-public material for a publicly traded company that will affect the stock price. If you have other resources to the community, we can also discuss case by case.

Maintaining Full Membership

Each member is required to share new insider information frequently in order to maintain full membership.


The anonymity of members as the first priority

To protect yourself, please make sure to

What's Next

Please register an account and follow the instructions from there.

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